Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tell Me Again WHY I am a Mom?

Please someone, tell me why I CHOSE to be a mommy? Right now I'm having an "I don't want to be a mommy" day. I get this way every once in a while, especially if the kids are really being brats. It usually lasts until the last child heads to school. After that I'll put the youngest down for a nap and take me a two hour bath until they all get home from school.

Well I have to say that this day qualifies as a bratty day. They are fighting with each other over toys, over which seat they are going to sit in, over who gets the stupid BLUE UNICORN card, over which seat they get to sit in in the car (We aren't even GOING anywhere today!). They are tattling on each other non-stop!

I can't tell you the number of toys that I have put on top of my fridge, in my closets, in the trash, and in the garage today! You'd think after the first three were taken away that they'd realize that I mean business and that I'm not going to put up with the fighting and lack of sharing. But no, not these kids.

And the constant need for attention. Well that comes from being a child. They DO need our attention. They do need our hugs and kisses. They do need to know that we love them and are here for them. So I don't mind the "good" attention they need. But after I've given the first five hugs of the fifteen minute time span, I just really KNOW that they love me, and that I love them. And by this point I'm wanting them to just go play.

Even when I'm having these days where I want to pull out my hair, I'm still trying to not raise my voice too much. I'm trying to be a good mom. I'm trying to show them by example how I want them to behave. But boy is it tough.

It's days like these that I wonder if I'm doing the right thing in staying home and being a mommy/foster mommy. *sigh* But on the good days, when everything is going smoothly, and the kids are smiling and happy, when they are loving and just full of life...I remember why I chose this job.


At 10:50 AM, Blogger MJ said...

Im so right there with you right now. I start I cant do this,and i just have to stop and pray God help me. Whew ... sending major hugs your way, hope you get your bath today!

At 11:54 AM, Blogger Mommykendra said...

((HUGS)) Anna!! I know why you chose this job--because the benefits are out of this world! Nothing compares to the joy and sense of pride our children bring us!!!!
Enjoy your bath and make sure to talk to God today!

At 12:42 AM, Blogger Melissa said...

You may want to use some "EXTRA" bubbles today!! :D Just remember that one day they'll be dealing with kids of their own, and know how much you delt with having 6 of them, and love you that much more!! :D


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