Monday, August 14, 2006


One more day until my kiddos will be back in school again! It'll be so nice to finally have most of my afternoons to myself again. I might actually get some housework done. *gasp* My husband won't know what to think of a clean house. It's been months since he's seen one. (Ok that's a lie. He saw it a few days ago when the social workers had to come for a home visit; but it's a mess again!)

If I can manage to keep C awake until after D goes to kindergarten, then I'll actually have up to two hours of freedom EVERY day while he naps!! It'll be a stretch though. C normally conks out around 11:30 at the latest, and D won't go to school until 12:45. Still, it'll feel like a vacation just having him home and the others off at school.

I'm hoping to do some "once a month" cooking while the kiddos are out of the house. I don't do the full blown make 30 days worth of meals and freeze them; but I do a smaller version of it. I cook all my meat and freeze it in freezer bags. That way the kids can just grab a bag, pop it in the microwave, add the ingredients from the Hamburger Helper box, and have a meal in 15 minutes. It's a great way to save time, and it SURE makes it easier to figure out what's for dinner each evening.

Other than cooking and cleaning, I probably won't have time to actually enjoy the break from the kids for a week or two at least. Then I'm hoping to actually (get this) have a BATH!!! Without fingers poking through the bottom of the bathroom door!! Or maybe I'll start a book, or *giggles* maybe I'll scrapbook again.

Oh I'm sure I'll eventually miss having my kiddos at home full time, but for now, I'm dreaming of the things I'll accomplish while they are at school. And I know I'll have the weekends to remind myself why I'm go happy they are back in school!!

Is it bedtime yet?


At 5:52 PM, Blogger Mommykendra said...

Hope you get lots and lots of Anna time!!!!


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