Thursday, July 20, 2006

Almost the big 30...

Why is it when you get to be about 30 years old your body starts to fall apart? Oh... Maybe it's just MY body. Maybe most other almost 30 year olds are in perfect health and are happy and healthy. Hmm...that's something to think about.

Of course, I've never been like most other people my age so why should I start now? I went to my eye doctor yesterday because my eyes have been driving me crazy - blurry vision, tearing up, yucky sleep in the corner of my eyes all day and night long, ect. The eye doctor says "Yep, you've got allergies all right." and handed me a perscription for allergy eye drops.

So off I go to the doctor to talk about allergies. I want the test to find out exactly what I'm allergic too, but the doctor refused to refer me unless I saw him first to discuss my allergies. I calmly explain to him how I'm constantly sneezing, blowing my nose, coughing, and just feeling icky. How certain foods (sour cream chips for one) cause me to get sores in my mouth, upset stomach, and all that stuff. He talks to me for over an hour about different symptoms I'm having and says "Yep, you've definately got allergies." He's thinking seasonal, indoor, and possibly food allergies.

Course he also made a comment about how I'm acting like the Dr Dolittle movie. You know, the woman with the Shellfish allergy? She knows it is going to upset her and cause hives, and yet she still goes ahead and eats it? Well he said that's me and my sour cream chips. I know it's going to tear me up from the inside out, and yet as long as they are in my house I'm gonna eat them. (They are just SO GOOD!!!)

And it's not fair really. I went for 27 years without a SINGLE allergy issue. For that matter I went for 27 year without hardly ANY illnesses. But the closer I get to the big 3-0, the more my body is falling apart. Is there going to be anything LEFT of me when I reach 40?

Anyways, enough of the pity party. I've got kids to deal with, a house to clean, and appointments to attend. Off to take the first four of my five allergy medications for the day. Ah the joys of growing up...


At 8:09 PM, Blogger Mommykendra said...

so when does the big 3-0 happen????

Sorry you are dealing with allergies :( Hope you get answers soon

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Anna said...

August 17th :) Three days after my husband's 30'th.


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