Saturday, June 17, 2006

Quick Update

Just thought I would get on here and post a quick update on my life. It's been extremely hectic! *lol* But I like it this way...for the most part.

Swimming lessons are officially over!! For two weeks straight three of my seven children (the 4, 5, and 6 year old) have swam for an hour while my youngest and I watched from the window. Let me tell you, entertaining a two year old for an hour while trying to watch and make sure the other children aren't drowning because they aren't paying attention is hard work! But the kids had a blast.

What else? Well M, my 9 year old foster daughter went away to church camp for a week! She went down to southern Indiana and stayed in a cabin in the hills. She had a great time and came home in a wonderful mood. It was GREAT to have one less child to worry about for a week as well!! Especially since I knew she was enjoying herself and safe!

While M was gone, my daughter Jenna decided to have her "own" camp experience away from home. She stayed with my parents for two nights in a row, then managed to talk my Aunt into keeping her for the next two nights. I didn't see her for five entire days!! But she got the chance to swim, play with all my mom's kids, and help plant more flowers than I've ever seen in one yard!

Today is Conner and D's very last t-ball game!!! I am SO ready for that to end as well. They have really enjoyed playing, but it's so boring to watch t-ball!! They have gotten better and can actually hit the ball most of the time now!

What else? Today I have to pack Jenna up for gymnastics camp. She is going to be gone for four nights. *sniff* staying in a hotel with her friends (and one mother), and flipping around the gym from 8:30-4:00. I'm more worried about Jenna going to camp than I was about M going... I think it's because Jenna hasn't really ever spent much time without me, and she has anxiety disorder... But then again, it could be just because she is MY baby... you know?

Anyways, that's my update... I have to get off of here and get these kids ready for the day...


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