Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Wonder of Wonders

Wonder of wonders, C's birth mother actually showed up for the visit today. Of course, how could she Not show when the caseworker bent over backwards and moved the visit an hour later so mom could sleep off her night of dancing in the local bar. I mean really, why should she have to get up early to see her kid when the social workers can just change the time?

Do I sound a little upset? Well I'm more than a little upset - I'm furious! Our agency has a three strikes and you're out rule. Meaning that if the parents miss three visits (especially in a row) that the visits are cancelled until they have a conversation with the birth parents. Unfortunately for C, we have a BRAND NEW caseworker who knows absolutely nothing.

This lady takes the cake!! She's done such a terrific job as a caseworker that she is being transferred to supervising visits and transportation duties. Still, I have to put up with her until the end of May.

Anyways, so this caseworker CALLED the birth mom (instead of waiting for the birth mom to call the agency) to find out why she hasn't been showing up for visits. Then she says that C really wants to see his mom. He doesn't EVER ask about her!!!!!! So this caseworker laid a guilt trip on the mom and changed the visit times. Now this interferes with my other foster children going to school, so the caseworker now has to transport C to and from his visits because I honestly can't do it!

This caseworker is trying to make it so that the birth mother ends up getting C back. Now birth mom officially PUT C in foster care. She was all for my family adopting him...until she started talking to my caseworker!!! *Grrrr*

I have a feeling that C is going to be removed and put back with his mom, and there won't be a dang thing I can do about it. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see how he acts this evening when he comes home. *sigh*

I just wish we had competent caseworkers who knew what they were doing. She even went so far as to exclaim very enthusiastically that C was going to visit his Mommy S. today!! And I got a "not so nice" attitude and told her to PLEASE not mention her name UNTIL she showed up for the visit; because C takes it very hard when he is told he is going to see someone and then they don't show up. She looked confused but agreed that that was probably a good idea considering we weren't sure birth mom was going to be there today...


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