Friday, March 24, 2006

Rude Awakening

Just when we thought we had the house back to normal, my son had to go and mess it up! B only woke up once last night with nightmares, and my husband and I were really excited to get a little sleep.

Unfortunately, my son Conner had other ideas. He woke up twice last night to play, and on the second time (at 5 am) he was jumping on his bunkbed. Did I mention that he sleep on the top bunk? So he's having a good ol' time rolling around on his bed and jumping around, but he forgot that he had railings on the sides of his bed.

His nose connected with the railing and he received a huge gash that spanned the width of his nose! It honestly goes from one eye to the other eye! Blood was everywhere and he was screaming and crying out. We honestly thought that he had a nightmare and were pretty mean when we told him to be quiet before he woke the others.

It wasn't until my husband took him to the bathroom (the only way to ever get him to quiet down when he wakes up in the night...somehow going potty seems to help). Anyways, Matt took him to the bathroom and realized they dripped blood everywhere. What a shock at 5 am!

We decide not to take him to the ER because the blood finally clots and Matt decides it's too dangerous to allow Conner to go back to sleep! So they stay up and watch Sonic cartoons together.

Fast forward to 8 am... I'm trying to get the older kids out the door, get the younger kids dressed, and get started on our appointments for the day. I hand Conner his shirt and realizes that when he puts it on, he starts the nose bleeding again. *ugh*

So off we go to the doctor to make sure he 100% doesn't need stitches. Doctor informs us that it's too shallow for stiches, but to wide to do nothing. He tells us that Conner will have a nasty scar, and the size of it will depend on whether or not Conner will leave on the special bandaids...

Let me just say that Conner was NOT impressed with the cleaning of the wound OR the bandaids that pull his skin back together. He's been super whiney all day. But then again, the kids been awake since at LEAST 5 am! Hopefully this will break him of jumping on the bed!


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