Thursday, March 23, 2006

Scary Thoughts

My mind is racing right now. I was just informed by my caseworker that C's mother has contacted them. After three weeks of no contact at all, she finally wants a visit with her son. Honestly that in itself doesn't bother me too much - the fact that she wants to see him. It lets me know she does care about him, you know?

But what bothers me is that since she voluntarily placed him in foster care, she is allowed to have him for two hour unsupervised visits. What if she runs off with him? Since she placed him in care, she has that right. What if she gets him for the two hours and realizes she wants him back? All she has to do is tell the caseworker that C no longer needs assistance and he's hers again.

It's all very scary. I've loved this little boy since he was seven months old. Yes he spent 14 months out of my home and with his relatives and mother's friends; but he's still my little boy. I would adopt him in a heartbeat if mom gives up her rights.

Just pray that she's content to just visit with him and not have him back in her home for good.


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