Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Really Like Them

I really like my foster children's Great Grandparents! Actually I like them, AND their grandma, AND their aunts (the two I've met). These people really care about my foster children. You can tell that it is breaking their hearts to see them in the "system."

These people get to see my foster children every other week. And my children are so excited to get to see them! They don't just sit and watch the kids play. They go out of their way to always have a craft activity for the kids to work on while visiting. They make their time quality time and give lots of hugs and kisses. They ask questions about their lives and make sure they are being cared for in my home.

But what I really like is that they care about MY children as well! They are constantly asking why I don't allow my children to come to the visits (because it's THEIR quality time - and I didn't want to intrude) and have flat out requested that my oldest be allowed to come next time. And out of all my foster families, this is the only one I trust MY children to! They make sure to send extra craft supplies home for my kids to work on, they give them treats, and feel they are just an extension of their family. That makes me feel so good, you know? Because I treat their children like my own as well.

I really feel that if these relatives were younger that my foster children would be ok living with them. But the truth is that they are very old and that great grandpa is in very bad health. I worry about him a lot, honestly! And the aunts are wonderful people, but they don't have the room to raise the children.

Their birth parents, for some reason, just can't get their act together. The dad is more than ok with just visiting every week for a few hours, and their mom well...she's still in jail. :(

But of the relatives that I've gotten to know, I really like them. And I would have no problem with keeping them in these childrens' lives as long as they would like to be involved.


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