Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Painting Stinks

It really does you know. Actually it was fun at first. But now it's just work. Lots and lots of work. My hands ache, my back throbs, and my head feels ready to explode. It's still worth it though!

Matt and I worked like dogs this weekend and really got a lot of work done on our house. We painted Conner's bedroom in two shades of blue, Jenna's bedroom in two shades of purple, and are getting ready to start on Macie's bedroom (two shades of red I think). Oh and did I mention that I'm painting my bedroom sage green?!?

It's interesting trying to get any painting done with a houseful of kids. So far I think we've had every child sleep in the great room at least one night! But the kids are so excited about their new bedrooms. We haven't really made any changes on their bedrooms in over eight years!

We just have to finish touching up Jenna's bedroom walls and then that room will be completely done (other than trim work that will come when we get more money.) Tonight I'm planning on priming Macie's bedroom and "possibly" putting on on the base coat of red. Doubt it though. I'm really tired.

Part of the reason I'm on this painting marathon is because I know how we are. If I put the paint away, it'll be months before we finish the bedrooms. And personally, I just think I'll feel better if I have all the rooms done as soon as possible!

Ok. Off to paint some more. Wish me luck. If I have any strength left in my hands, I'll post how it looks. :)


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