Thursday, March 16, 2006


I just don't understand why some things happen. Why does God allow young children and teenagers to die? What purpose does it serve? How will it work out for good?

My parents used to live next door to a little girl named Kyla. I think the first time I met Kyla she was three years old. I remember being out in the backyard in our swimming pool and seeing her walking up and down the fence staring at us, wanting us to play with her. She was such a sweet girl.

Fast forward a few years to when Jenna turns 4. Kyla is now 7. She gets permission from her parents to come over and play with my daughter. They laugh, run around the yard, and are the best of friends. For years to come these two are inseparable.

Jenna gets a little older and Kyla teaches her how to jump on the trampoline, how to ride a go cart, how to ride on her bike down to the neighbor's pond and back without getting hit by cars. She teaches Jenna how fun catching snakes and frogs can be, the importance of softball, and how to be a careful tree climber.

Because of Kyla, Jenna got to experience a lot of life's little lessons that I wouldn't have thought to teach her. I will forever be grateful for the friendship the two girls had.

But Kyla is gone now. She was 14 years old and riding in the car with her mom. She was wearing her seatbelt and the airbag was working properly. I don't know what she and her mom were talking about, but for some reason, her mom turned the corner without making sure vehicles weren't coming. A truck smacked right into Kyla's side of the car - killing her (I hope) instantly. Kyla's mother is suffering from a broken back and some serious injuries, and Kyla is no longer with us.

It's hard to imagine Kyla gone. She was so full of life. I remember just a few months ago when there was SNOW melting on the ground. You know, one of those days when you want to stay inside and read a good book? Well I was driving to my mom's house and I happened to see Kyla and her sister and parents out riding their BIKES!! Yes in the freezing cold, they were out bike riding. They lived life to the fullest, always taking advantage of the little moments to share as a family.

I'm praying that in the months and years to come, that they'll be able to look back on all those memeries and realize how special their relationship with Kyla was.

I hadn't actually seen Kyla (nor had Jenna) in two years. It was a shock to read about her death in the papers. And I'm still asking God why. Why did he allow this accident to take place? But I'm holding on to my faith that in the end it will all work out somehow.

But I sure will miss seeing Kyla growing up. Her showing is today. If I can find someone to watch my children, I'd like to go and show my support for her parents and sister. I don't think Jenna's old enough to understand though. I'd rather her remember Kyla as the girl with no fear. Who lived life to the fullest.


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