Friday, April 21, 2006

Children Are Our Downfall

I've come to believe that it's the children who are going to kill off the human race. They are the ones that have been chosen to bring destruction to our world. Ok so I'm taking it a little far, but they ARE disease carrying card members.

I swear I have never been as sick as I've been this last year. Every time I think I'm getting over some illness, the kids bring home another one for me to deal with. And if I'm not personally dealing with them, then I'm helping my kids deal with them.

The latest batch? Let's see. Jenna brought strep throat back into our home. Now Conner, me, my foster daughter D, and my foster son C all are on antibiotics to get rid of it. D also has an ear infection, fluid in her lungs, and allergies. Macie brought home a nasty cold bug from daycare. Now me, and everyone but Matt are trying to get over this as well.

I'm telling you, these kids are trying to kill off the adult population. I feel like just crawling into bed and sleeping the day away, but no! I have to be mommy and nurse to all these little sick ones. If only I had a mommy to take care of me again....

But alas, I gave up that right when I had kids of my own. So I'll do the next best thing. I'll load my sick family into the car, drive to my mom's house, and infect her family. At least that way I can lay on the couch and let someone else deal with the kids for a few hours. They'll forgive me, right? I am after all their first born child...


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