Sunday, May 21, 2006

Adoption and Trace Adkins Concert!

*hehe* Gotta love that title right? So I'll start off telling you about how all the adoptions are coming along. The lawyer has all the paperwork needed to finish Macie's adoption! We're just waiting on the court to set a Final Hearing to allow her to be ours forever!! It should happen within the next couple of weeks!

Conner has to be readopted here in the United States in order to get an American birth certificate. Even though he was already completely adopted in Ukraine, Indiana does not allow that court hearing to be enough to get an English birth certificate. So the judge has set Thursday as Conner's adoption day!! He'll officially be recognized as being adopted. And it only took us six years to get around to finishing his adoption! But hey, it's costing us almost $700 to finalize an adoption that is already finalized!

As I told you before, Matt is adopting Jenna. We're waiting for the newspapers to finish the publishing of unknown birth father in the classifieds before we can complete the adoption. The lawyer is saying it'll be about a month before hers is completed. I'd rather look like a slut than have Jenna be put in danger by some crazy person...

Now on to Trace Adkins!! That concert was AWESOME!!!!!! We took Jenna and M to see it. Blain Larson, Trace Adkins, and Gretchen Wilson all performed for us. But Trace was by far my favorite!

Jenna absolutely had a blast! She was standing on her chair, dancing away, and singing along to the songs. She was yelling and just having a great time. She was really getting a kick out of the drunk girls behind us, and in all honesty, they were very polite and fun drunk girls. (Thank God!)

M on the other hand acted completely overwhelmed. She didn't smile once the entire time we were there. She kept looking around at all the people and giving them these weird looks. She kept putting her blanket over her head and trying to hide and in general, acted like she just didn't want to be there. (But afterwards she was telling everyone how much fun she had!) *go figure*

But all the performers put on a great show! Gretchen Wilson was a little to loud for my taste. Her country songs were awesome, but I just couldn't get in to her jazz or rock n roll songs. She tried to do a concert with every type of music included - to show that a redneck girl can sing all types. And YES she could sing them, but me - being a COUNTRY fan - wasn't impressed with the rest.

The one thing that bothered me about the outdoor concert was that someone around us was smoking Pot. Yep. I know I should have expected it; but it just really surprised me that it was at a country concert. And it was SO STRONG that I know my little girls got a slight buzz from the fumes. It was so noticable that the drunk ladies behind us kept commenting on it and looking for the source. Which we never did figure out who was smoking it. I did take that moment to take the girls to get a Funnel Cake though. The less exposed they were to that the better.

Of course, going out to get the Funnel Cake wasn't much better. *hehe* There were SO MANY drunks by that time. I just don't understand why people feel they have to drink themselves into fools to have a good time. The girls got to witness one girl literally being carried to the bathroom, they got to witness some drunks dancing in a circle around the beer stand, they got to see some guys diving into mud puddles on the lawn. You know, stupid drunk stunts. I used it as a way to explain to the girls why they SHOULDN'T ever drink. I think they got the point...

But even with the drunks and the pot it was well worth it to see the singers in person and hear the great music!! It was awesome! Now for October... Toby Keith!!!!!!!


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