Monday, January 23, 2006

She's So Good!

My daughter is amazing! She was just moved up to Level 4 gymnastics this year. Level 4 is the first competing level - it goes up to Levels 10 or 11 I believe. Anyways, she just started competing this year.

Jenna wasn't chosen for the pre-team gymnastics program when she was younger, partly because she was so hyper! So she had to go through Levels 1-3 before getting on the team. As a result, she didn't have the flexibility or muscles built up like the pre-team gymnastics girls, and she really struggled in the beginning. She only had to practice 1 hour a week for levels 1-3 and she practices 6.5 hours for level 4!

So anyways, Jenna has been in about six or seven gymnastics meets this year. She has done remarkably well for her first year; but there was still a lot of room for improvements. She was scoring in the high 7's to high mid 8's. (on a 10 point scale).

Well yesterday she had a gymnastics meet down in Indianapolis, and she ROCKED! She was absolutely awesome! She got her first 9 (9.175!) on Bars and got the second place medal for her age level!! She got an 8.9 on vault and placed 8th, and in the All Around competition (where they total everybody's scores and the top 15 get awards, she scored 9th in her age group!! How cool is that?

She has just gotten so dang good in the last few months, and I am so proud of her! There is no way I could ever do half the skills that she can do (nor would I want too) but I love to sit and watch her do it! I don't know how long she'll stick with gymnastics, but however long she does, I'll always be there cheering her on!


At 8:50 AM, Blogger MJ said...

Way to go Jenna! That is so awesome that we already know the next Olympic star


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