Friday, January 20, 2006

The Tree Is Down!

I DID get the Christmas tree down last night - no thanks to Matt (Ok, so that's not fair...he DID take all the Christmas ornaments down BY HIMSELF, AND put them away in the tote. I think I was either taking a bath or watching tv while he slaved away.) We were sitting in the great room trying to watch tv (do NOT rent Bad News Bears btw...every other word is cussing! We ended up turning it off and watching School of Life) with the kids.

So anyways, here I am sitting there trying to enjoy the movie, but my eyes keep drifting over to the eyesore of my Christmas tree. I find myself constantly shaking me head in disgust and telling Matt it needs to come down. He had already gotten all the ornaments off which just left the garland, Christmas lights, and tree branches to take down.

Matt just rolls his eyes and says he'll do it later, that he's not in the mood to mess with it. Well DUH! If we were in the mood to do it it'd be done!! But that didn't change that fact that it was the 19th of January and we were still looking at it!

So I get my fanny off the couch, huffing and puffing and making a LOT of noise, head over to the evil tree and start attempting to take the garland off. I don't know WHAT my husband was thinking when he wrapped it around the tree, but I swear to you that the stuff was NOT wanting to be taken down! I think I ruined half the garland by jerking at it! But I finally managed to get it all off by myself (much to my cat's delight!)

Now on to the Christmas lights. *lol* Yeah right. Those were NOT coming down, at least not with my tiny arms trying to unwrap them. But I found a GREAT way to take them down! I started taking off the Christmas branches...WITH the lights still attached. The lights stayed somewhat in place, and the branch slipped easily out! And it was a little satisfying to see the lights tumble to the ground when the last tree branch got out of the way.

I started out really trying to put the branches away, but the tote Matt gave me was WAY too small for the branches (or so I thought) so I ended up just piling them in willy nilly. I had a beautiful tree sculpture when I was finished. It stood at least three two feet above the tote opening! Matt of course didn't appreciate it.

When he realized what I had done there was a lot of head shaking and sighing. Apparently when you take the tree apart with the lights still on, you cause a mess for the person who has to wind up all the lights. He said it's going to be a tangled mess. But it was so satisfying to see the lights all jumbled together at the base of the Christmas tree!

He made the girls redo the tree branches, and lo and behold, those two little traitors managed to get all the branches to fit inside that tiny tote! They always like to prove how much better they are than me. *hehe* And I have no problem letting them think that!

So now I'm sitting here at the computer and when I look into the great room I see the tree base, some jumbled lights at the base, and three huge totes just waiting to be put in the attic. Wonder how long it'll be before THOSE go away? It would be fun to hide easter eggs on the tree base!


At 9:27 AM, Blogger MJ said...

What is it with husbands and tree lights, mine was the same way, it has to come off in a certain way. Welll geez, its much more fun to just pull them off

At 12:00 AM, Blogger Mommykendra said...

Okay, second time reading this story and it still makes me laugh--LOL

At 12:20 PM, Blogger Anna said...

*hehe* Well I was too lazy to come up with a blog topic, so I just reposted it from the group! :)


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