Saturday, September 30, 2006

Here Comes Christmas

I can honestly say that I am not looking forward to Christmas this year. It's so hectic for us that it's not really enjoyable. Oh sure I love to get together and see all the family members, but we have seven Christmas parties to attend every year.

Yes you read that correctly - SEVEN.
1. Our family Christmas (Christmas day)
2. My parents' house (Christmas eve)
3. Matt's parents' house (Christmas day)
4. My grandma's house(Christmas eve)
5. Matt's dad's extended family's house (Weekend before Christmas)
6. Matt's mom's extended family's house (Weekend before Christmas)
7. My grandpa's house (Christmas day - if we go)

And HEAVEN FORBID you don't go to a party. The world will come to an end, the silent treatment will be unbearable, the guilt will be laid on thick. It's just NOT acceptable to miss a Christmas party.

It doesn't matter that we have seven children, and that all but two of the parties require us to purchase our OWN gifts for the children. I mean really, we must be made of money, right? But forget about trying to go without a gift. Why it just isn't Christmas if the kids don't have at least one gift to open at each party.

We found out the hard way that extended family members feel that foster children should NOT get the same amount of gifts as the adopted/biological children. It's obvious that they still have family members who purchase Christmas for them on their visits and it's not right for them to get more presents that our own kids. (So they say). So we always have to purchase a few extra gifts to sneak in in case a grandparent or aunt attempts to give uneven gifts out. Now I agree that gifts should be even. But a child does not understand why they don't get a gift and other kids do. It's not their fault they are in foster care. But family members (Not all, but several) just don't understand that as long as the children are in our home, they ARE our children. And they get the same gifts and attention that our own children receive.

So anyways, we have two more months until Christmas and I am so not looking forward to the parties. Just once I'd love to be able to stay home and let the kids have a Christmas at home - where they could actually play with their toys, lounge around in their pjs, and just enjoy the relaxation. But alas, when you live within fifteen minutes of every relative, it's just not possible.


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