Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Court - the Wasted Experience

It really is a waste of time to go to court when you have children in foster care. Oh I know they want us to go and look good for the judge. You know, show that we're supporting our foster children 100%. But really, when you have to wait 30 minutes outside the courtroom for less than 10 minutes of actual court time it's frustrating.

It's especially frustrating when the birth mother has stated over and over to me, to caseworkers, to her lawyer, and anyone else willing to listen - that she wants me to adopt her child; and yet the judge and lawyers continue to make us wait. Her lawyer received the voluntary termination of parental rights paperwork about three months ago, and yet he is advising her to wait until the 9 month review hearing (permanancy hearing) before signing off.

It's crazy! She misses over half of her scheduled visits, she isn't following through on the case plan created for her, and she WANTS me to adopt her child. And I want him to be mine forever.

And then I have my sibling group of three. We have to go back to court for them next month I believe. It may actually be a little bit better; but so far every hearing has consisted of the dads saying they'll do more and that they want the children, and the judge stating things are to remain the same. Nothing changes.

Oh well, at least by going to court I know from the start what is taking place instead of having to wait for the caseworkers to find time to get me up to date.


At 3:45 PM, Blogger MJ said...

How frustrating! Still prayers anna!

At 6:17 PM, Blogger FosterAbba said...

To date, we haven't gone to any of the court appearances for our foster kids. We already miss enough work without having yet another reason to be absent.


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