Friday, September 22, 2006

Hard Times

It seems like forever since I posted to my blog. Looking back it HAS been forever. But what can I say, life got in the way again. Alot has happened since I last posted. But I'm going to only post about one or two things that are on my mind.

So here is the sad news. My sibling group of three's bio mother just had her jury trial. It was decided that she was guilty on all four counts of charges. She has already been in jail for a year and a half, and with the guilty verdict they are saying that the earliest she can get out is 29 years; and the max sentence she can receive is 58 years (I think). Although I knew that she was more than likely going to be convicted, I was still surprised it was decided in only four hours.

So now I have to figure out how to tell the oldest foster child that she isn't going to see her mom anymore (they are proceeding with termination of parental rights). This is going to be horrible conversation. And even though I found out yesterday about the guilty verdict, the caseworkers want me to wait until after school today to tell the oldest. I think it's a mistake to wait though. The news has been plastered on every radio station, tv news station, and newspaper in the state. I have shielded her as best as I can from hearing about the trial, but I know someone is going to mention it at school and then she'll feel deceived that I didn't tell her first. She does know that the trial is taking place though, but that's it. But the caseworkers are adament that I say nothing until after school.

And as weird as this seems, I feel horrible for the biological family. I have really come to like the great grandparents on the mom's side of the family and feel that they are wonderful people. I can't imagine the grief they are feeling knowing that their granddaughter is going away for possibly life. :(

So wish me luck. This is going to be a really emotional weekend. Although I won't really feel the brunt of their grief until Sunday night. The siblings are going for a weekend visit with the grandparents tonight after school. The grandparents would love to have the kids for good, but they are just too sickly to care for them long term.


At 10:06 AM, Blogger MJ said...

Wow ... what does this mean for your foster kids then, will you keep any of them? Praying for the kiddos and you as you go thru this.

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Mommykendra said...

Oh, Anna. How hard that is going to be for you!! I'm praying that the Lord gives you the words and opens her heart to hear them and realize it is not you that made the decision!!!
Many prayers for the many decisions that will face you and the system in the coming months.


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