Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm Back!

I'm back!! I honestly didn't realize how long I had been away from my blog! Life sort of got in the way of blogging. So what has happened since I posted last?

Jenna has continued to amaze me with her gymnastics! She is getting so dang good!! We have her state gymnastics meet next weekend. (So if you are a praying individual PLEASE pray- beginning at 3:30 pm Sunday - that Jenna will have a successful meet, that she won't fall off the balance beam, and that no injury will result from her flipping around!) As you can imagine, it's very stressful watching her - but I love every minute of it! After state she will no longer have to travel every weekend competing and can begin to work on skill to get to level 5. (But it's not a promise that she'll move up to compete level 5.)

Conner has me a little worried. I don't know if I posted about him getting pneumonia several months ago. They think he "may" have asthma - the coughing kind - and have him on breathing treatments several times a day. Well he STILL has this nasty cough, and it's not getting any better. The doctors don't think he needs another chest x-ray though... he's also doing wonderfully at gymnastics! He just learned how to do his back-walk over!! I really wish they had a boys training team, but they don't.

I have some good news regarding Macie!! Her birth mother had until January 31st to turn in the necessary paperwork to continue the appeal process (her rights were terminated last year, and she's fighting it), but the lawyer didn't turn them in until the first week of February! This means that the judge has "probably" thrown out the appeal request!! We'll know officially in another week or two. If she has then we can immediately begin the adoption!!!

We've decided that we are going to have Matt adopt Jenna, as well as readopt Conner here in the US, when we adopt Macie! Jenna really wants to have our last name and has been asking to be adopted by Matt. He's the only daddy she's ever known. Conner has to be readopted in order to get an Americanized birth certificate. Although we think it's cool to give the school the Ukrainian one, we feel they would rather have one that is in English! *lol*

My foster children are doing well. We've decided to put D in gymnastics! She is already starting to do cartwheels and handstands on her own, so even if we only put her in for one session she'll learn the right way to do them! And that may be all she gets. It really depends on money. But we at least wanted her to get to experience gymanstics.

Well I'd write more, but I'm sure you're getting cross-eyed already from reading this. I'll try to blog more frequently!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Just So You Know

I haven't deserted this blog. It's just that I've been really sick with a nasty sinus infection, and as a result, my house is trashed. So I've been attempting to spend all my free time cleaning instead of playing online. I still don't feel like I'm making much progress, but it's hard to catch up with this many kids!

Not to mention the fact that Jenna is on "speed mode" with her gymnastics. They are cramming five gymnastics meets in a two month period!! That's insane, but we signed up to go to all of them, so we're running almost every weekend.

Speaking of gymnastics, Jenna has really taken off with it! She's getting very good scores and acually took second place in the floor routine at the last meet!! I'm so glad she's doing well, but I will be greatful when the season ends (March 5th) and we can stay home, save some money, and just relax for awhile! Oh she'll still train three nights a week; but at least we won't have hotel fees, gymnastics meet fees, eating out fees, and gas fees every week!

So anyways, I'm heading back offline. I have to sweep and mop the floors, try to catch up on the massive amount of laundry (the laundry mat is sounding VERY tempting right now), and dust from top to bottom. We also have a gymnastics meet Saturday. It's 2 hours away, so we're going to spend the night in a hotel tomorrow night.

I'll post Monday when I have a chance. In the meantime, have a great weekend! Praying you all have are staying well!